vegan puerto rican cuisine

About Me

Hola! My name is Giselle, and I’m the plant-based boricua. I’m 30 years old, was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I currently live in Austin, TX with my family. I have a beautiful baby girl, two dogs, and an amazing husband, Juance.

Juance and I decided to go vegan in August 2017 because of a documentary we watched on health. After that, we stopped eating meat overnight, but transitioned fully to a vegan lifestyle over the next year or so. In these past five years we’ve learned so much about veganism, about the animals that are exploited and killed for food, clothing, and so many other items. So although we went vegan for our health (which did improve significantly), we stayed vegan for the animals. That’s why I’m passionate about making delicious meals without animals!

I love “veganizing” my favorite Puerto Rican and Caribbean foods, and playing around in the kitchen with different types of recipes. I also love cooking for and hosting my friends and family, sharing delicious vegan food that everyone can enjoy. I’m grateful that you’re here, and I hope you get to try and enjoy my content. Buen provecho!