vegan puerto rican cuisine


Hola! Thanks for being here. My name is Giselle Rivera, a 26-year-old Puerto Rican girl who loves food and cooking, especially her island’s and the Caribbean’s amazing cuisine. I moved to Austin, TX from Puerto Rico in 2015, and I live here with my handsome husband. I love this city, being outdoors riding our bikes, hiking, kayaking, or just hanging out with friends. We have a super cute dachshund mix puppy named Sancho. He keeps us on our toes and melts our hearts all the time. In August 2017, we started switching over to a plant-based diet. We decided we did not want to keep eating animals, and we have not looked back! However, I really missed my food from home. So, I started thinking about ways I could veganize the “comida criolla” that I love so much! Personally, I am still going in this journey to change everything to vegan in terms of other household and personal items. But it is for the good of the animals and the environment.


Plant-Based Puerto Rican Food

This blog showcases recipes that everyday Puerto Ricans know and love, made plant-based! I have to say though, that some meals are already vegan (rice and beans, anyone?). And, just as a heads up, a lot of Puerto Rican food would not be classified necessarily as “healthy”. That is, there is a lot of fried food! So, maybe some of these recipes will not be your everyday meals, but they might just be those sumptuous meals you prepare on the weekends! I strongly believe that having yummy food that you really enjoy is good for the soul. Also, the recipes I will publish are just the way I learned from my mom and abuelas, as well as my preferences to make them vegan. So you may find some other people from Puerto Rico who prepare them slightly different. But it’s okay! I really want to introduce people from all over to our amazing Puerto Rican food in a way that does not harm animals. So, if you are Puerto Rican thinking about becoming vegan, or you’re vegan and just want to try something new, or you are not vegan, but want to try it, read on!  We will post amazing, tasty recipes that will leave you coming back for more. Buen provecho!