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Veg Options: Lucky Robot

Veg Options: Lucky Robot

Hi y’all! I want to thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog. I have been blogging for about six months now, and I felt that I really wanted to share my experiences with delicious vegan restaurants and vegan options here in Austin. So, I am starting with a non-vegan restaurant that has vegan options: Lucky Robot. There is no particular reason for this, just that it’s my most recent restaurant. Also, they have vegan sushi that blew my mind!

Okay, so Lucky Robot is a Japanese restaurant on S Congress Ave that sells sushi, dumplings, Asian tacos, etc. First off, the restaurant is really cute. They have a beautiful cherry blossom installation hanging from the ceiling as well as art-filled walls and hanging seats. The vibe is really cool.

Lucky Robot inside

We went at 3:30 ish on a Saturday and ordered from their dinner menu. Our server was super helpful, pointing out all the vegan dishes available. We decided to order several shareable plates.

What we Ate

  • Kinoko cebiche – This was a mushroom-based ceviche. I was skeptical about this one, but it really surprised me. Before going vegan, we had ceviche in Puerto Rico and Perú, and this mushroom ceviche was delicious. It had the right amount of acidity and taste. We loved this plate.
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts – If you are from Austin, you know that brussel sprouts are a staple in a lot of restaurants. These did not disappoint. They were super crispy and charred, and flat out delicious. Plus, the portion is a really good size. We could have even shared it between 3-4 people.
  • Spinach and tofu dumplings – These dumplings were also stuffed with cashew cheeze, yum! I have a heart face emoji in my notes on this one, haha. So, so good; crispy edges and the right amount of stuffing. Would recommend.
Lucky Robot Meal 1
Spinach and tofu dumplings, miso soup, and brussel sprouts
  • Veggipillar maki roll – Okay, so this was the plate I was most anticipating. I hadn’t had sushi since going vegan, and I was really nervous about it. It used to be one of my favorite dishes, and I kind of missed it. This maki roll did not disappoint! The star of the show in this roll was the miso grilled eggplant. It also had sesame, pickled cucumber and carrot, avocado, yuzu miso sauce, and a serrano topping. If you leave the serrano on top it will be spicy. If you, like me, don’t love spicy, just take it off. It was absolutely amazing. Just writing about it is making me hungry! Would for sure recommend.
  • Avocado nigiri piece – This was the most understated piece in our dinner. However, in its simplicity it is very tasty. It only had the rice, the avocado on top with yuzu miso sauce and sesame. That was it. But it was really, really good.
Lucky Robot Meal 2
Kinoko cebiche, Veggiepillar maki roll, and avocado nigiri

We also had miso soup, and that was, you know, miso soup, haha.

Lucky Robot has delicious vegan options and really cool ambiance, and the service is great. Even though we like to support fully vegan restaurants, this one is a good option to go with non-vegan friends and family. Plus, it’s in S Congress, which is a part of town I really like.

Have you been to Lucky Robot? What do you think about it?

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